1. (nautical) A strong rope or chain rigging running from the end of the bowsprit to the ship"s stem or cutwater

7 letters in word "bobstay": A B B O S T Y.

Anagrams of bobstay:

Words found within bobstay:

ab abb abbot abbots abbs abo abos abs aby abys as at ay ays ba baby bas bast basto bat batboy bats bay bays bayt bayts bo boa boas boast boat boats bob boba bobas bobs bos bot bota botas bots boy boys by bys oast oat oats ob oba obas obs os oy oys sab sabot sat say so sob sot soy soya st stab stay stoa stob sty sybo ta tab tabby tabs tao taos tas tay tays to toby tosa toy toys ya yo yob yobs yos